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life begins… at the end of your comfort zone.

Yesterday Bo and I arrived in Indonesia and the end of my comfort zone. After a hectic week in WA introducing Bo toView full post »

In the dead of night…

The world is about to change for Bo and I, in 12 hours we will be up in the air halfway between here and there…View full post »

I can’t believe she’s mine…

Look at her, my Bo. She’s mine. And I totally can’t believe it. When we talk about parenthood there isView full post »

Eight weeks of Bo…

Two months ago today the most incredible thing happened. My little Bo entered the world. After a very intense, veryView full post »

Mama Bo

It’s embrace the camera day – every Thursday the wonderful Emily Anderson (the writer of the wonderfullyView full post »


When Bo was nothing more than a little jelly bean, long before she had a name of her own, long before we knew if sheView full post »

The resurection of the Easter Bunny…

Easter, it’s the first of the religious holidays to come around, and it brings up the first questions for meView full post »

the kindness of strangers

Some of you know that Bo and I are quite isolated at the moment. We came out here to this little town to stay with myView full post »