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A community driven by a mothers heart…

It took me a long time to find and become even a tiny part of a community that felt like home. After I returned fromView full post »

Hysteria and Happy Endings (An adults only give-away)

image credit: unknown. I don’t do giveaways very often any more, for a variety of reasons… when thisView full post »

Monica Markovina

When I asked Monica Markovina if I could commission her to create a new logo for Inked, I knew I would need to beView full post »

The other woman.

Infidelity. Some say it’s human nature, and I suppose they are right, in a way. Lust and hormones and all thatView full post »

Don’t hate the haters… hate the game.

In this past week I lost something that is (was) to me a safe place. Yes it may have been on the internet… andView full post »