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A bad taste in my mouth.

I came online today after Bo had gone down for her afternoon nap (yes, she is sleeping today – progress!) toView full post »

If only there was a birth-plan for life after birth.

Parenting advice comes in all shapes and sizes… and whether you ask for it or not, it comes. Some of it is good,View full post »

Becoming “Abah”…

I am, by no means, an expert on my child. Bo is a creature of unpredictability, she’s lovely and charming andView full post »

Motherhood makes [me] crazy…

Just call me crazy. Seriously. This motherhood thing, it’s turned me into a bit of a lunatic. People warned meView full post »

This weeks little loves…

beautiful Bo, my favourite little love of all… It’s been a bit of a rough week in our little house thisView full post »

Our village home…

After days of scrubbing, moving furniture and generally trying to get settled in my mind is a little calmer. I couldView full post »

life begins… at the end of your comfort zone.

Yesterday Bo and I arrived in Indonesia and the end of my comfort zone. After a hectic week in WA introducing Bo toView full post »

In the dead of night…

The world is about to change for Bo and I, in 12 hours we will be up in the air halfway between here and there…View full post »

I can’t believe she’s mine…

Look at her, my Bo. She’s mine. And I totally can’t believe it. When we talk about parenthood there isView full post »


When Bo was nothing more than a little jelly bean, long before she had a name of her own, long before we knew if sheView full post »

The resurection of the Easter Bunny…

Easter, it’s the first of the religious holidays to come around, and it brings up the first questions for meView full post »

What if the newest “must-have” baby item was simplicity?

I read a lot of mommy blogs. I read a lot of posts by other mothers, new clueless mothers (much like myself) desperateView full post »

Responsible hedonism and finding bliss…

Because doing good feels good too. Hedonists have been considered historically as being self-absorbed egotists whoView full post »

Something borrowed, something blue?

When Bo was a mere 48 hours old, we bathed her for the very first time in the hospital. After her bath the midwifeView full post »

Bo-ventures V.1

Before her dad returned to Indonesia, we took our Bo exploring around Sydney for a bit of a taste of the Australian wayView full post »

the life of the newborn (parent)

I may have been a little over ambitious when I decided what I was going to achieve this year. With work, my mastersView full post »

Just us two…

photo by Kate Heaslip Photography Today I did what I hope will be the hardest thing I will ever truly have toView full post »

the culture of sleep…

I was very well read during pregnancy. Living in a remote village gave me a lot of time to think about my body, myView full post »