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Not in my name.

I never thought that my country’s leaders would be responsible for placing people in concentration camps everView full post »

This life.

“Rise and rise again until lambs become lions” ― Robin Hood. Tomorrow is another day… Share this:MoreView full post »

Nothing New: the first month.

It’s been a month now.  A month of buying nothing new. A month of no frivolous spending. A month of borrowing andView full post »

A new blog.

About 10 months ago I mentioned on this blog somewhere that I was looking for interesting blogger/photographers whoView full post »

Light and shade.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin   “The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple” – OscarView full post »

This repurposed home: Bo’s room.

An old sanded and finished pallet for a bed/A unloved playpen for a wardrobe/Recycled and repurposedView full post »

Nothing New – The Rules.

Before I lay out my (finally) formulated rules for our year of Nothing New, let me just make a few things clear. I amView full post »

Preserve it: Semi-dried tomatoes

Preserving food is an age old art steeped in history and culture that is far too often lost in our fast paced modernView full post »

This moment.

“Welcome the present moment as if you had invited it. Why? Because it is all we ever have.” ~ PemaView full post »


Yesterday I spent the morning sitting in the cool white tiles of a Laundromat. We’ve been having one of those monthsView full post »

This life.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin “When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive toView full post »

Resisting the urge to spend.

I’m not your “average” consumer. I routinely look for second hand bargains, I’m big onView full post »

On the process, the decisions and gaining momentum.

It was a couple of days after Christmas. I was sitting in the stinking heat of the middle of the day, sorting throughView full post »

More than enough

I have embarked on my great personal project of 2014. We are not great collectors of things. Experiences, yes. ButView full post »

2014 – The year of the deliberate life.

At the end of November last year I went to a gala event in Melbourne. Standing in the gin and tonic haze of a lateView full post »