We are sitting silently through the very first weeks of what is perhaps due to be one of the coldest winters in the landscape of our lives. We sit quietly, living a life balanced between the isolation and silence that comes from an overwhelm of emotion and the gentle rhythm that comes from allowing the heartbeat of life to continue to move us forward day by day.

I’ve always loved winter. I love being wrapped up in warm woollens and layers and the comfort that comes from retreating into a cocoon. The thing I love most about winter is its promise of hope. Under the cold bare earth sit the seeds of future seasons just waiting to give life and deep within the bare branches the energy that will bring us the delicate buds of spring already lays in wait.

This winter is cold, but the future is coming, and every day it gets a little closer. It won’t be what any of us expected it to be, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful.